School Policies

Update September 2016

Pool Academy complies with guidance Safeguarding and Protecting the welfare of all children. Our Policy was reviewed in July 2016, but based on revisions made to Keeping Children Safe in Education, due to come into force on the 5th September, Pool aims to update this policy. Steps have already been made to review changes and these have been highlighted in the document below and all staff made aware of changes and additions.  

Changes to Keeping Children Safe in Education from September 2016

Safeguarding Policies

Admissions Policy 2017_2018 (Adopted Dec 2015 rev Feb 2016) *

Admissions Policy 2017_2018 (Appendix) (Adopted Dec 2015) *

Allegations of Abuse Against Staff (July 2016)

Behaviour Policy (Adopted July 2016)

Bullying Policy (Adopted July 2016)

Charging Policy (Adopted June 2014) * 

Complaints Policy (Adopted Nov 2016)

Complaints Policy (Appendix) (Adopted Nov 2016)* 

Data Protection Policy (Adopted June 2014) *

Disciplinary Procedure (Adopted July 2015) *

Drugs Education Policy (Adopted July 2016)

e-Safety Policy (Adopted March 2016)

Equality Policy (Adopted Dec 2015)

Freedom of Information Policy (Adopted March 2015) - under review
Freedom of Information Policy (Process Map)
Freedom of Information Policy (Fees)

Health and Safety Policy (Adopted March 2016) *

Home School Agreement Policy (Adopted July 2016)

Medicine/Medical Policy (Adopted July 2016)

Race Equality Policy (Adopted March 2016) *

Relationships and Sex Education Policy (Adopted July 2016)

SEN Policy (Adopted Sept 2016) *

SEND Complaints Policy (Adopted July 2016)
SEND Complaints Policy Appendix 1 (Adopted July 2016)

Staff Professional Code of Conduct (Under Review)


DDA Plan (Adopted March 2016) *